TSCM – Cyber Security

Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical surveillance is conducted through the placement of a covert electronic video or audio monitoring device,
or through the operation of a remote electronic device, in order to conduct monitoring and interception of personal data.

Government agencies, competing companies, private investigators or even people in the close or relative environment are
inventing various ways to get into our personal or professional data. Businesses, regardless of their size,
are vulnerable to threats to security such as hacking systems, phishing e-malls, industrial espionage.

Privacy security has as its main concern the protection of all information from unauthorized access, while maintaining
its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Technical monitoring countermeasures include the process of detecting
monitoring devices such as hidden listening and visual monitoring devices or protection software to prevent unwanted
access to computer devices for various abusive reasons.(stealing financial, personal, corporate data).

4ip’s specialized TSCM team can conduct high-level detection, using the latest technology and find any intrusion system, even if it is “sleeping” or operating at certain times.
Our Purpose is to control the attacker’s access to confidential information during the selection and collection phases …


We have deep knowledge of their techniques, the tools they use, they way they think and act.

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